Playground Flooring


School Playgrounds Many schools and nurseries are now adopting artificial grass as their preferred playground flooring. The artificial grass has a much softer texture than tarmac, concrete and wet pour. This type of playground flooring also promotes a green environment and looks like real grass. Artificial grass can be installed to meet critical fall height regulations up to two meters, which make it a practical choice for playground flooring.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental Flooring

Artificial grass is environmentally friendly as it saves water, does not require chemicals and there is no pollution from lawn mowers. The synthetic material is especially suited to warm and dry climates which cannot support the growth of natural grass. Conversely, artificial grass can assist flood prone areas by improved drainage; the water drainage properties of artificial grass are far superior to concrete, tarmac and decking.

Choose an artificial grass company with confidence. Their friendly sales team are available to help with any inquiry from building contractors, landscapers, schools or event organizers. Simply outline your requirements and information will be provided on how artificial grass can benefit your project. The possibilities are endless with Cosmos Grass.

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