Clay track (Kourasani)


1. Subbase.

As a sub-base of the track for the first 10 cm crushed material (gravel) is laid (layer filtering) and at 10 cm gravel (bearing layer). Both layers will be compressed by roller to achieve the required stability.

2. Middle layer. To maintain the necessary moisture Theran earth (pumice) is laid in at a thickness of 8 cm.

3. Clay surface (kourasani). The final surface clay is constructed in two phases, the first stage is laid at an average thickness of 4 cm (after compression)  with clay (kourasani) particles  graded 0-3 mm.

In the second stage at an average thickness of 3 cm is laid

(after compression)with clay micro-metric rating 0-2 mm. The compression cylinder weighs about 200-600 kilos. During compression the material is splashed constantly to blend better. The whole construction is in accordance with DIN 18035 and the corresponding provisions of General Secretariat of Sports.

Note that kourasani needs periodic maintenance to maintain-technology licensed properties over a long period of time. Maintenance generally consists of sprinkling, the filling material where appropriate (eg potential potholes) and rolling with a suitable cylinder.

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