Permanent wooden sports flooring (Parquet)


The permanent wooden sports floor is a floor used for matches or training  gyms for sports which have specific operating regulations which determine the choice.

It consists of three main layers and constructed so as to guarantee the characteristics of conduct for athletic use. Our company constructs permanent wooden sports floors in accordance with the requirements of the General Secretariat of Sports


Particular attention should be given to the protection of wood against moisture. For this reason, the concrete on which the wooden floor is placed is sealed by applying three coats of bitumen emulsion.


A. First layer: Placement of white wood heels on grid

0.50 x 0.50 x 0.12 m size 0.12 cm.

The heels are placed on a bitumen  0.20 x 0.20 m, with which any concreteway  is filled with small claims  to achieve

vertical equity (bubble).

B. Placement and nailing on  the big vertical axis of the room and onto the white board padstimber (spruce) length 48 cm and width 12 cm

C. Placing and nailing parallel to the major axis of the room and onto the boards (spruce)boards of length 4m. and a width of 12 m.

D. Inserting false floor (white wood planks length 4m. and spaced 5 cm) and nailing onthe previous layer.

E. Installation and nailing together the major axis of the room and onto the false floorand parquet oak isopachi equal length in order pessoeidi (style anglais) to cover the entire area of space to the distance 5-7 cm from the wall

They must refrain from the walls from 5 to 7 million for the relief of the pressuregenerated by the expansion of the floor.

Then wiped the floor with different grades patocharta

After sanding apply primer and two coats of polyurethane varnish. Each layer is rubbedlightly before applying the next.

Between floor and wall mounted perforated angle to ensure ventilation of the floor toavoid creating moisture.


The painting and markings are made, the intervening layers of varnish to ensure the longterm, with specific colors.

Today there are other systems of wooden sports floors (permanent or not) that meet therequirements of FIBA and the General Secretariat of Sports


The maintenance of the floor requires the use of wet soft cloth. Oils containing specialcleaners should be avoided because they dazzle and damage the varnish.

After several years depending on use can be sanded and xanavernikothei.

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