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All types of indoor sports, rhythmic, instrumental and aerobics.

Classrooms, ballet rooms, spaces where there is static electricity.


Floor systems with a rubber-base and self-leveling polyurethane.

The Sports Floors described here, consist of an average thickness of substrate

4-10 mm of granular rubber (rubber) graded 1-3 mm which are connected by a special

one component polyurethane.

The final surface is lined for many sports in different colors.



Green or other colors on request.


Smooth, anti-reflection (Matt).


Hardening time depends on the existing humidity ranging from 6-24 hours.


Polyurethane flooring is laid on any flat surface of concrete or asphalt,both indoors and outdoors. The surface must be clean of dust and oils and completely dry from moisture.

The construction of the synthetic carpet is usually done in three layers with net aid and painted compatible colors.

The basic layer consists of black granules (rubber), graded 1-4 mm which are connected by a special one- component  polyurethane.

This mixture is mixed with specific proportions and is laid on the ground or molded to the desired thickness or in prefabricated rolls which glued together with a two components polyurethane glue.

The thickness of the paving material varies depending on specification.

The net  is made of polypropylene and affixed to the filler (middle layer) at baseline.

The middle layer is the sealing of the pores in the base layer, and paste the reinforcing net with a special polyurethane (filler).

The final layer is self-leveling two component  polyurethane layed

in successive cross layers .

Finally, the surface is painted with compatible  matt colors and is Lined according to the desired sport.

Maintenance No special maintenance is required, simple sweeping or washing is sufficient. The polyurethane floors are resistant to all known detergents.



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