Classic track sports (open or closed).

Open tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, handball,

backyards, playgrounds, recreation areas.


Floor systems based on rubber and polyurethane.

All sports floors that are described here, consist of a substrate with average thickness of 8-10 mm of grain rubber (rubber) graded 1-4 mm which are connected by a special one- component  polyurethane.

The finished surface is available in several versions depending on the use and application method.


Colour: Red.

Other colors are available on request.




Hardening  time depends on the existing humidity ranging from 6-24 hours.

APPLICATION: polyurethane flooring is laid on any flat surface of concrete or asphalt, both indoors and outdoors. The surface must be clean of dust and oils and completely dry from moisture.

The construction of the synthetic carpet is usually done in three layers.

a) Basic

b) Intermediate (not all types)

c) Final

The basic layer consists of black grain rubber (rubber), graded 1-4 mm which is connected by  polyurethane of one- component.

This mixture is mixed in specific  proportions and is laid on the ground or molded to the desired thickness or in prefabricated rolls which rely on a two- component polyurethane glue.

The thickness of the paving material can vary depending on specification.

The intermediate layer is the sealing of the pores of the basic layer, to all types which require a  special polyurethane (filler).

The final layer depends on the type and use of the floor and can be, polyurethane color, cast polyurethane two components or integrated into colored liquid polyurethane two components.

Maintenance No special maintenance, a simple sweeping or washing is sufficient. The polyurethane flooring is resistant to all known detergents.

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