Resinflex hard


COMPOSΙTION:  Resinflex Hard is an overlay system of old and new asphalt. Made from a mixture of acrylic resin dispersion with inert mineral admixtures is a beautiful color scheme for surface land in intensive use. Product of industrial technology, mainly from acrylic resins and excellent purity inert mineral admixtures, gives a high-level mix.

USAGE: Available for all sports, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, walkways and promenades, schoolyards , playgrounds and sports halls

APPEARANCE: Anti-reflection, rough, slip-resistant, uniform, continuous (without joints).

APPLICATION: With rubber spatula (rakleta).

THICKNESS: 1,6-2,5 mm.

HARDENING TIME: 30 minutes to an hour. It depends on the temperature and humidity. Does not freeze, it is not flammable, does not fade.


resinflex  is used in sports flooring, structured as follows.

FORMAT: Flattening of the natural soil, preferably with excavation, creating the same slope that the ultimate playing surface will have. There mustn’t be areas that retain moisture (puddles), but  areas which drain water.

SUBBASE: leveling layer of gravel pavement (3A), 10 cm thick ,well compacted .An even thickness of  asphalt coating  closed type-5cm.

In some cases the subbase can be constructed with cement.


The substrate having been wiped must be ground and polished with a cold pitchiness type coating, applied in successive layers crosswise. The aim is to prepare the surface and fill small potholes. Applied with rubber spatula (rakleta), while larger potholes a bar can be used.


The resinflex is applied in successive cross-layers (three minimum) without leaving seams diluted with water only.

In temperatures ranging 15-20degrees, hardening time is 2-3 hours.

It is necessary to wait 8 days before applying on new asphalt  and 20 or more days before applying on new concrete. The appropriate temperature for the application of resinflex is from 7-35 degrees C.


Maintenance is limited to a simple sweeping or washing if

very dirty. Generally natural rainfall is

enough to keep the floor clean.

Possible damage from an accident  is repaired easily.


After years of usage by using more than two layers of resinflex (retoping) and drawing new lines you will actually have a new floor at a remarkable very low cost.

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