Athletics equipment


The final phase of construction of a sports arena is equipped with the necessary facilities for sports and housing if necessary.

Cosmos Grass in direct cooperation with manufacturers of the domestic and foreign market offers a wide range of products including:

  • - Spars  (volleyball, tennis) iron or aluminum with a device internal or external, fixed or mobile.
  • - Baskets Olympic-type baskets or not, fixed or mobile, hanging on the hydraulic gyms.
  • - Outbreaks handball, football, hockey aluminum or iron.
  • - Gym equipment. Horizontal bars, parallel bars asymmetric scales, italics horses, diving board, mats, etc.
  • - Accessories. tennis net, volleyball, anchors, movies, maintenance tools clay courts and golf synthetic turf.

All items meet the requirements of the General Secretariat of Sports

The placement of the equipment (where necessary) is done by qualified personnel.

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