All courts operating in open areas should be fenced. This is required by the safety rules for the athletes, for protection of the facilities and the perfect functioning of sports sites.

Our company always takes into account  the requirements of the General Secretariat of Sports for the enclosure of open courts and the specific needs of each case and  manufactures  high quality fencing.


Height 3m. 3.5 m 4m. with a single grid.

Spars and coronation with  2” diameter  tubes which connect with split links.

All materials used are galvanized.

For areas where fences have oxidation problems (coastal, with lots of rain) ideal is the plastic grid

The doors of the enclosing fences are  made of the same materials and the dimensions are 2.00 x1.10 m.


The tubes (stanchions) having been placed horizontally and vertically are then fastened in the slots of the wall around the court  which were made for this reason at about 3 m apart  and are mounted at the

coronation (panokasi) with split couplings, the selvages (a wire  4 mm thick from column to column) and the grid.

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